Sloppy New Year!
Starring the following model:
"My first session of 2018."

After a hectic Holiday Season, I was desperately in need of some relaxation. I donned a nice, girly royal blue skirt with a frill, some navy opaque tights (which I just love!) and a festive red tank top. Topped it off with some deep pink lipstick and blue/green eyeliner to compliment it nicely once they smeared. After that I climbed in my trusty tub and awaited the action!

I was hit by a torrent of different layers of colour and textures, all from the same bucket! There was definitely oatmeal in there and I'm sure I detected a sneaky layer of beans. I smelled custard, and strawberries and general yumminess. It was thick and sloppy and just perfect! The tub filled up quickly, and so did my top. And tights. And, well everything! From sloppy hair to sloppy toes the buckets kept coming. And, as usual, I wasn't complaining. The more the tub fills up, the more delighted I get!

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Total size:1.56 GB
Total runtime:26 mins, 20 secs
Date added:1/07/18
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